Sponsors / Vendors

BCC will be promoted throughout the Lowcountry starting with Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, and Bluffton and extending outwards to Savannah and Charleston. That will likely be expanded across the eastern coast including states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people will be reached via radio ads and strong social media campaigns. We are also working directly with the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Beaufort, City of Beaufort and individual Beaufort stores to further reach into our community.


Flashback Gear, a small pop culture store in downtown Beaufort, hosts and plans the Beaufort Comic Con with the help of SK Associates and Printkeg. We also rely on many super dedicated individuals, sponsors and exhibitors to make this annual convention possible.

Downtown Shops and Restaurants

We work with many downtown stores and restaurants who wish to participate in the BCC. Many of them may be hosting exhibits, guests and special promotions specifically for Beaufort Comic Con ticket holders. Participating locations will be listed in the activities sections and maps where appropriate. If you are interested in working with us, please call or contact us for a meeting. We do not charge our downtown neighbors anything to participate in the festivities! Downtown stores are welcome to participate in one of the sponsorship programs listed below.

If your downtown business is interested in participating, please contact us or call Chris Mullen at 843-694-3997. Leave a message.

Sponsorship Programs 

There are three levels of sponsorship. One intended for small businesses and the other for larger enterprises.

Silver Sponsorship ($450) – Logo will be present on event banners, event maps, event posters and website sidebar or footer. Website logos will link to the company’s website. A silver sponsor also has the option to open a booth in Exhibit/Vendor area. The company will also be listed in the “Current Sponsors” area on our website.

Gold Sponsorship ($2500) – Limited to 4 sponsors. Gold sponsor gains all benefits of the Silver level. Logos will also be added to almost everything including social media outlets, marketing emails, backdrops, event t-shirts, event badges (a collector’s item), event flyers and onsite signage. This level will easily reach hundreds of thousands of people in the Lowcountry. Statistics to be available soon.

Platinum Sponsorship ($5000) – Limited to 1 sponsor. We work closely with the platinum sponsor for maximum exposure. This sponsor will be present on everything and anything concerning the Beaufort Comic Con including all Gold Sponsorship benefits and radio commercials reaching hundreds of thousand of people – possibly millions. Statistics to be available soon.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact us or call Chris Mullen at 843-694-3997. Leave a message.

Current Sponsors

SK Associates

Exhibitors / Vendors

Exhibition areas are available for individuals and small businesses that sell merchandise related to pop culture, comics, graphic novels, TV shows, movies, cartoons etc. This form must be filled out (form not yet available) completely and a fee of $250 is required. This fee includes one full day of Beaufort Comic Con and is non-refundable. Spots are limited. Locations and mapping will soon be available.

To attend, you fill out the online Exhibitors form and submit payment (not yet available).  That’s it. We will be waiting on you. If you are not approved for any reason, we will issue a refund.

At this time, vendors cannot sell:
Weapons (including swords)
Food (unless it’s pre-packaged)
Beverage/Alcohol/Tobacco (including samples)
Vaping tools and accessories
Vacation/Time Share giveaways

Register to be a Vendor

Artist Alley (sponsored by Printkeg.com)

Artists Alley is a centerpiece of our convention and is located in Beaufort Inn’s beautiful Tabby Place on Port Republic Street. Artist Alley belongs to individuals and small business creating original artwork pertaining to pop culture, comics, graphic novels, TV shows, movies, cartoons etc. This form must be filled out completely and a non-refundable fee of $125 is required ($200 for a double space). Printkeg.com, one of our sponsors, will be issuing each artist a coupon code worth $125 about 60 days before the event. You must be 18 years or older to sell in the BCC Artist Alley.

You are provided with a table, two chairs and two event passes. The 4′ x 8′ table is about 2.5 feet from the ground. And you will be limited to an 8′ x 8′ space (8′ x 16′ table / 2 tables / 4 chairs / 4 event passes for a double space). Banners cannot be taller than 8 feet. The Artists Alley will be located indoors within the beautiful Tabby Place operated by the Beaufort Inn. Wi-Fi will be available, but we recommend that you also have your own data plans available in case of interruptions. A concierge dedicated to Artist Alley exhibitors will be available at all times on location.


  • We will provide free catering for lunch and dinner. There are also many surrounding restaurants.
  • Printkeg will provide a $125 discount code to all artists to use their print services.
  • 2 event badges are provided to each booth.
  • Each booth is provided on 4′ x 8′ table and 2 chairs. We welcome your exhibit materials.
  • There will be a dedicated BBC representative on hand specifically to accommodate special needs of artists.
  • Artist Alley is located in Tabby Place, a beautiful reception area located on Port Republic Street.

To attend, you fill out the online Artist Alley form and submit payment. That’s it. We will provide further details related to venue and event via email. If you are not approved for any reason, we will issue a refund. Artists are very important to us, and we are going the extra mile to provide a wonderful place to sell art.

Printkeg.com is offering ALL Artist Alley sign ups a $125 coupon code. They offer flyer, poster and card printing. If you take advantage of their printing services, you essentially pay $0 for a table in Artist Alley.

Register for BCC 2018 Artist Alley