Planning is Underway!

Spider-Man and Chris

Ever since my wife and I opened Flashback Gear last year, I’ve been thinking about bringing a Comic Con to Beaufort County. Frankly, I’m surprised there isn’t one already. Comic Cons are so much fun to attend, it’s ridiculous. The people are fantastic. The overall theme and activities revolve around comic books, graphic novels, TV, movies, anime and so much more. Every Comic Con is different (our family has been to quite a few of them), and we can’t wait to host the very first one in our home, Beaufort.

Beaufort Comic Con will be unique and similar to other cons out there. Separating us from the pack, the BCC will support local shops in the Beaufort downtown area. We hope each one of them participates and hosts their own “mini-events” which we will advertise and include in our activities area. Our staff will work closely with each of them. Their participation is essential to the success of the BCC.

Like other cons, we will host an Artist Alley, a marketplace of amazing artwork spanning from pop culture, fan art, and personal brands. We will be inviting incredible talent to the area who will showcase works practically unseen in Beaufort.

Exhibitors and vendors from other regions will also be welcome. Small businesses and individuals from across the United States will bring an unprecedented buffet of geeky merchandise. Think toys, collectibles, comic books, coins, cosplay gear, costumes, figures and so much more – it is almost impossible to list everything. Our local comic book stores in Beaufort, Savannah, and Charleston will be invited to attend at no cost to them. No comic con is complete without a ton of comic books!

Cosplayers will rule the land, and it will be epic! We are inviting you and your friends to bring your A game and dress the part of your favorite superhero or fictional character. If you don’t dress up, that’s okay too. It is so much fun to watch and visit with cosplayers. You won’t be able to resist taking your picture with at least one of them. Snap chat with them! Post on Facebook! Snap your photos with a hero! Immerse yourself in a world of joy cosplayers bring us. Cosplayers are my favorite aspect of any comic con.

We’re also working on bringing in some sweet exhibits. Star Wars shows, Back to the Future DeLoreans, Arcade stations, Cosplay contests, book signings and more. As we secure more guests and shows, we will announce them at

Finally, we want Beaufort Comic Con to help the community. 10% of all ticket sales will be donated to CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association). My mother, Barbara Mullen, has been volunteering there for as long as I can remember, and we plan to do our part in raising money for at least one great cause every year. We can make a difference!

For now, we are looking for organizations, businesses, and volunteers willing to help us make this event a reality. Please contact Chris Mullen here, if you are interested. We need people to assist us with ideas, marketers, graphic designers, security personnel, event planners, event assistants, cleanup crew and every other possible position you can think of. Bottom line: We want your help!