Power Rangers Group Joins BCC18

Power Rangers Cosplay

Beaufort Comic Con welcomes our new guests for 2018, Usualrangers5. These siz twenty somethings with attitude join together to bring nostalgia and action to a whole new level.

The Usualrangers5 is a cosplay group based out of Savannah, Georgia. The 6 share several things in common, from a love of dancing to an interest in comic books, sci-fi and anime! What bonded the group together, however, was how each person played power rangers with friends or siblings as kids. On top of that, they each were a different ranger (no fighting over the leader here)! With that, the team practically formed itself with each person making their inner child proud. The group also cosplays as other characters including Marvel’s Black Panther.

They now regularly travel to conventions sporting their Ranger gear from the 1995 Movie!